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'Russell 'Standard' Road Grader' (Antique Iron)

'Russell 'Standard' Road Grader'
As our country moved into the Roaring 20's, the Russell Grader Company was at the center of our nation's road construction projects. Many of these early tractor pulled graders were pulled by 'Cats' in the 1920's so Caterpillar purchased the Russell Company in 1928 to start their own line of road graders. Larger than the 'Russell Jr.' horse drawn models, the 'Standard' was built for the big highway jobs of a growing nation and its expanding interstate highway system.

This particular grader and its twin were owned originally by the State of North Dakota. Upon his retirement, one of the operators was able to obtain both graders. After his death, his daughter inherited the graders and sold this one to an antique dealer in Montana where we found it. There is a 7 ft. iron/steel drawbar used for pulling the grader that was attached by a chain. The first links of the chain were cut to remove the drawbar for transport and it will fit comfortably on a 16-foot trailer. Though not nearly as rare as the Austin Grader, this is still a unique and fascinating piece of machinery and would be a highlight of any landscape or on exhibit in front of a heavy construction office. $895.00 or make offer.
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