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'Walk Behind Sickle Bar Tractor' (Antique Iron)

'Walk Behind Sickle Bar Tractor'
One of the early “gas powered horses” this is a wonderful example of an early walk behind tractor. Manufacture unknown, we believe this to be from the mid 1930’s. I found this machine sitting in the middle of the parking area for a small roadside antique shop looking like it had been dropped there out of disgust. After inquiring about it the woman in the shop told me it was her husband’s and did not know if it was for sale. She said, “If it is running, probably not”. She told me he was out in his shop and where to find him.

Upon finding the husband and asking about the machine, it was indeed for sale and he readily offered to help load it. Seems it would not run for him at the last two shows he attended, but as soon as it was home again, it would start right up. After being embarrassed by it at the last show, he no longer wanted it to be seen in his collection. I have never tried to start it and it sits, as it was when we loaded it.

For the restorer, the gas tank has rusted through at the bottom (it still had had gas in it when purchased 10 or 11 years ago and the hand crank disappeared a few years back. Probably a display garden visitor that needed a handle for something. As a garden art piece, this old tractor has always looked fantastic in a large bed of daylilies. $295.00
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