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'Horse Drawn Potato Digger' (Antique Iron)

'Horse Drawn Potato Digger'
A beautiful example of a horse drawn, circa 1910 - 1920, ground driven potato digger. The large paddles on the iron wheels would dig into the ground and as the team pulled the digger down the row of potatoes, the paddles would turn the wheels that drove the belt lifting the potatoes out of the ground. Also has an early "stem roller" that is not attached.

With this type of digger, usually Dad or eldest son would have led the horse team while a son would sit on the digger, raising and lowering the tongue as needed as well as kicking apart the clumps of potatoes as they passed along the belt under his feet. An OSHA nightmare with open gears just waiting for a careless finger or foot! In excellent condition, this digger has always been of great interest to our garden visitors and makes for a very unique garden ornament. For any interested in restoration, this digger still has its original seat as well as the optional tail extension. From Eastern Washington. SOLD
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