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'Austin Horse Drawn Road Grader' (Antique Iron)

'Austin Horse Drawn Road Grader'
This is a very rare circa 1880 Austin Horse Drawn Road Grader. This grader was first owned by the city of Walla Walla, Washington and was used to build and maintain the fast growing city's roads. Operated by two men with a team of horses originally, a hitch was latter welded to the tongue so that it could be tractor pulled. The Austin Mfg. Co. of Chicago, Il was formed in 1859 and merged with Western Grader in 1901.

I found this grader at a fruit stand in Hermiston, Oregon, the prized possession of the stand owner. There it held a place of honor amongst a very fine collection of horse drawn implements collected in E. Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Stopping a number of times to "ohhh and ahhh" the collection as well as buy fresh produce, this grader was coveted for many years. Then one summer a notice showed up on the property announcing that it was going to be the future site of a motel. I asked the owner about his collection and the grader in particular. A deal was stuck and two weeks later, the grader was moved to the center of our display garden and has been admired by many visitors over the past 14 years. One gentleman referred to it as “Cinderella’s Carriage."

This unique and one of a kind - just try to find even a photo on the web - piece of Washington State road building history will make the perfect centerpiece for your garden or as display for a heavy construction business. Shown here in the winter garden, in summer it has lilies, daylilies, and assorted herbs other plants growing up through it. Originally brought home on a 12-foot flatbed trailer, it would fit much better on a 14-footer. Sold
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