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'Belonica' - Double Oriental Lily Bulb

Belonica' -  Double Oriental Lily Bulb

Flower Description: Resembling a fluffy form of ‘Sorbonne’, this nicely doubled Oriental lily has the same fragrance and easy care as it’s 6-petaled “cousins” As with all multi-petaled lilies, and especially Orientals, the flowers will last much longer during periods of cool weather or in a maritime location. Plant in all day dappled sunlight or afternoon shade for best results if you are in a warmer climate, avoiding hot spots facing south or the open garden if you have hot, drying wind in summer. 3 to 4 Feet. Late July / Early August Flowering.. Fragrant.

PLEASE NOTE: Price listed is for one (1) package of 3 bulbs. If you wish 6 bulbs, change shopping cart quantity to two (2), for 9 bulbs, change shopping cart quantity to three (3) etc.

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb cultivar ranges from Premium-size» (16/18 cm) to Exhibition-size» (over 18 cm). Click here for details.

Classification: Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb(USDA Zones 6-9, colder climates w/winter mulch.)

Stock # 7251 - 'Belonica' - Oriental Hybrid Lily

“Scratch & Dent” bulbs are those that are showing some spots of penicillin mold from storage (harmless to your bulbs) or have broken dormancy and have started to sprout. Typically we plant these bulbs back into our field in the spring but this year has been so wet, new ground for these bulbs is not plantable with the tractor mounted planter. Bulbs with penicillin mold spots need not be cleaned before planting as the mold dies once it is in the ground.
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