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Free Asiatic Lily

Free Asiatic Lily*

Item# 103
Sorry, Not Available
*If your total for lily bulbs is over $50, not counting Shipping, Sales Tax, or non-plants, then you qualify for bonus bulb(s). Quantity is limited to one bulb at each level ($50+. $100+, $150+) on qualifying orders - the choice of varieties is made by us and are not labeled with the variety name because surplus bulbs make up the bonus bulb selections. Example: If you order bulb cost (subtotal) is $53, choose one bulb $50 level. Should your order be over $100, select 2 bulbs (mix or match). Orders over $150 may have three different selections or all three from one category. Limit: Maximum 3 free bulbs on any order. Free bulbs chosen without a qualifying order will be deleted when the order is received by us. We reserve the right to substitute other bulbs (of our choice) if inventory of bonus bulbs depletes early and will adjust your order if terms of a minimum order are not met.
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