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After 45 years of producing, what our customers have told us are the best of the best in lilies, we have retired from active propagation of lilies on our home farm as of Spring 2023.

BUT, the Robert Burns poem 'To a Mouse', says it best, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. While it was fully our intent to retire following our Spring 2023 shipping, the overwhelming outpouring notes of affection that came in during the weeks that followed have led us to reconsider that decision (and we did upload a modest offering of lily bulbs for delivery in spring of 2024, which was completely pre-sold within 13 days in June of 2023.) The most heart wrenching comment was, “The only thing that keeps me alive is my daily visits to my B & D Garden” as well as one customer calling and sobbing over the phone about how she would miss us.

We want to thank all those who took time to call, email, and send cards / letters with their outpouring of well wishes and love for B & D Lilies. It was indeed more than overwhelming for us in how we have touched the lives of so many over the years.

Thank you for your outpouring of love and affection.

Bob & Dianna

Thank you for the opportunity to help beautify your garden.
[Website updated - Thursday, April 11, 2024]
Lily Bulbs; Asiatic, Trumpet, Orienpet, Orientals from B&D Lilies

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