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'L. wardii' (Species or Wild Lily)

Lily Bulb - 'L. wardii'  (Species or Wild Lily)This native of Tibet is found at elevations to 10,000 feet among thickets and conifers. A taller alpine type reaching over 4 feet, the flowers are Turk's Cap in form and quite fragrant. Carrying upwards of 40 flowers, they are deep and heavily spotted in carmine. Requiring light shade and a well drained loam soil with generous amounts of leaf mold added, it will grow, though not well. This beauty likes to run underground for 2 to 3 feet before emerging. On the plus side though, it produces little bulblets all along the underground portion of the stem.

Wild Lilies
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Wild Lily bulbs making up the genus Lilium belong to the family Liliaceae comprising of approximately 200 genera made up of approximately 2,000 lily species. There are in the neighborhood of 110 to 120 Lilium species depending on whose classification you reference. For the full article, click Knowledge Base