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Double Flowered Lilies

Very Fluffy Double-flowered Lilies with multi-petaled blooms have become quite popular in recent years. Some people remark that they like the fluffy flowers, others prefer the clean look of the traditional 6-petaled blooms. The multiple petals are thinner in texture than the traditional flower form, and thus individual flowers may not last as long during hot weather but on the other hand, their look is uniquely striking. We recently started a discussion on Facebook about the "doubles". Click on the button to read comments.

B&D Lilies has trialed many doubles over the past 30+ years, most of the Orientals are so similar to one another and variable in color in shape that we have pared our list down to only the best performers. Asiatic doubles tend to be more reliable overall, tolerating hot areas better and have a wider color range.

'Cocktail Twins' - Double-flowered Asiatic Hybrid
'Cocktail Twins' - Double-flowered Asiatic Hybrid

NEW LISTING! Lilium - Asiatic Hybrid, Red-orange Double, 3' - 4', June

'Cocktail Twins' - Double-flowered Asiatic Hybrid
l1052$4.25, 3/$11.75, 6/$21.50
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'Double Strawberry Vanilla' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb
'Double Strawberry Vanilla' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb

Lilium - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb
Peachy-Pink, 3 Feet, June Flowering, Non Scented.

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'Little Yellow Kiss'  - Asiatic<BR> Hybrid Lily Bulb (Double Flowered)
'Little Yellow Kiss' - Asiatic
Hybrid Lily Bulb (Double Flowered)

Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb
Yellow, 2 to 3 Feet, June Flowering, Unscented.

'Little Yellow Kiss' - Asiatic
Hybrid Lily Bulb (Double Flowered)

L1299$4.25, 3/$11.75, 6/$21.50
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 #109 – Orienpet (OT) (B&D's choice)
 #201 – Pink Oriental (B&D's choice)
 #301 – Yellow/Orange Asiatic (B&D's choice)
 #330 – White/pink Asiatic(B&D's choice)

Miss Lucy'  - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb  (Double Flowered)
Miss Lucy' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb (Double Flowered)

Lilium Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb DOUBLE-flowered, pale pink, 3 to 4 Feet, July Blooming, Fragrant.

Miss Lucy' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb (Double Flowered)
L7124$5.95, 3/$16.85, 6/$31.70
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Wild Lilies
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Wild Lily bulbs making up the genus Lilium belong to the family Liliaceae comprising of approximately 200 genera made up of approximately 2,000 lily species. There are in the neighborhood of 110 to 120 Lilium species depending on whose classification you reference. For the full article, click Knowledge Base