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'Horse Drawn "Parlin & Orendorff" Two Way Plow' (Antique Iron)

'Horse Drawn "Parlin & Orendorff" Two Way Plow'This plow has ‘Canton, ILL’ cast into the lift arm parts on each side of the plow and the previous owner felt it was most likely an early model International Harvester which purchased the Parlin & Orendorff Co. of Canton, IL in 1919. In searching this plow from top to bottom looking for the familiar IH inside of a C stamp of International, it was a thrill finding the P & O casting thus dating this plow to before the IH sale in 1919. Many of the parts have ID numbers for "left and right" and were undoubtedly produced for an assembly line operation than casting each part as the plow was built also leading the previous owner to believe this was a "newer" IH production model. Still has the original seat and is an excellent candidate for restoration. SOLD

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