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'Seattle - Washington' (February 22-26, 2017)

Northwest Flower & Garden ShowNorthwest Flower & Garden Show. Downtown at the Washington State Convention Center. Visitor-friendly display gardens, with free seminars and a much larger Plant Market that boasts jewels and treasures from specialty nurseries from around the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Flower & Garden Show Seattle, WA February 22-26, 2017 (Washington State Convention Center)

Plant Market Booth #2244 (same as the last three years) (North Hall, over Skybridge) B&D is a 6-space “island” booth front and a bit to the right as you enter the North Hall. Look for our lovely fragrant floral bouquets on each corner of our space and the overhead pink fabric. You will find our many EXCLUSIVE varieties of Lily Bulbs fresh dug from the farm, Purple Poppy seeds and our Extra-pungent Catnip. The B&D Lilies booth is located near to the sky bridge “Plant Check” for your convenience.

Stop by and celebrate the show with us and see over 90+ varieties of lilies, the largest selection offered at any show in the entire USA. 2017 also brings the re-introduction of our exclusive 'Angel™' line of upfacing trumpets - highly fragrant and easy to grow - as well as a "first chance” at some of our Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Introductions. Take advantage of our special 39th Anniversary show pricing.

The photo gallery (show below) shows most of the varieties for the 2017 NWFG show. Check back as the show date approaches for an updated list. As Web/Catalog sales deplete stock before the show date, a few selections may be removed from the show lineup. Should you see something you can't live without, place a web order now which can be adjusted following your show purchase. If you find the variety you clicked on does not have an order button, then it is available only at the show because there are not enough bulbs to offer on-line. By clicking on a photo, you will be taken to a full description of that variety. Then just hit your back arrow to return here.

B&D Lilies is the ONLY company attending the NW Flower & Garden Show that offers exclusively Northwest grown Lilies on a natural growing cycle for western gardens. Unlike other vendors, our bulbs are not quick thawed from a frozen state – ("pre-chilled" which in the forcing trade means frozen) – from brokers intended for the cut flower greenhouses and then often sold as "Grower Direct". The 2017 NWFGS comes at the same time that the "fresh crop" bulbs from Holland will be just then arriving at the docks in New Jersey and are waiting to be trucked West. What does that mean to you? It means that some of the brokered bulbs found at this show could be leftovers from the 2015 fall harvest, not bulbs you want in your garden. Click Here for more on 'Old Crop' bulbs.

Most people define a "grower" as a person or company that has a vested interest in the plants or bulbs (who owns the material growing in their field) and whom is personally doing the work of propagating, caring for, and harvesting what they sell – with no intervening stops along the way to the consumer. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric – just like in politics, the words “grower direct” can be spun many ways – all with a bit of truth, but in reality, vague enough to leave the consumer to interpret its usage into the most favorable light. Only bulbs from B & D Lilies are truly "Grower Direct". When you walk into a space and see bulbs that can not be taken into Canada, you know you are visiting a display offering Dutch Brokered Bulbs.

Double Flowered Orientals. We have trialed virtually every Double Flowered Oriental bred in Holland. Unfortunately, outside of a greenhouse environment, most have proven to be disappointments. We offer ONLY those varieties that have proven themselves in all climate types. If you do not find it at B & D Lilies, it failed in our garden trials. Unlike those that offer whatever is available at the time from cut flower bulb brokers, we have taken the guess work out of the equation. We do not take the words of a sales rep working on commission that something is "good". Our lilies have all proven themselves to insure your success in the garden.

Important notice for our Canadian visitors. Unlike other companies offering lilies at this show, ALL of our lilies are approved for export to Canada. All you need to do following your purchase is visit the USDA booth to pick up your Phytosanitary Certificate. You can purchase with confidence at B&D Lilies.

At B&D Lilies, you will also find that ALL of our bulbs are packaged for freshness, not dumped loose into crates as they are thawed leaving them to dehydrate in the climate controlled (all humidity removed) convention center. We care about the quality of our bulbs; it only takes a day for an unprotected bulb to dehydrate under those conditions - losing as much as 10% or even more of its weight which affects flowering. As evidence, our cut flowers on display even dehydrate quickly sitting in water, the blooms only lasting two days in prime condition instead of a week or more in a garden setting.

Wild Lilies
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Wild Lily bulbs making up the genus Lilium belong to the family Liliaceae comprising of approximately 200 genera made up of approximately 2,000 lily species. There are in the neighborhood of 110 to 120 Lilium species depending on whose classification you reference. For the full article, click Knowledge Base