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'L. brownii' (Lilium)

Lily Bulb - 'L. brownii'A difficult garden subject seemingly lost to commerce, Lilium brownii is believed to have first come to England from the islands of the Korean Archipelago, and the province of Kwanso, China in the 1830's. Lilium brownii could once be found in most turn of the 19th century English gardens.

Prone to basil rot and virus infection, even commercially produced bulbs rarely lasted more than a season or two in the garden. The large trumpet shaped, white flowers are purple-pink to brown on the outside and are carried on 3 to 4 foot stems.

A 1964 wholesale listing by Edgar Kline had this lily priced at two dollars each (about 1/2 tank of gas in those days) whereas more "common" lilies such as Lilium pumilum or Lilium pardalinum could be purchased at eighteen cents each (a gallon of gas) when purchased by the hundred. Even for the experts back then, this was a most difficult lily and was priced as such. (Photo courtesy of the late Edgar Kline)

Wild Lilies
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Wild Lily bulbs making up the genus Lilium belong to the family Liliaceae comprising of approximately 200 genera made up of approximately 2,000 lily species. There are in the neighborhood of 110 to 120 Lilium species depending on whose classification you reference. For the full article, click Knowledge Base