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'L. pardalinum' (Lilium species or wild lily)

Lily Bulb - 'L. pardalinum'
Lily Bulb - 'L. pardalinum'

'L. pardalinum' (Lilium species or wild lily)

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©2008, Robert J. Gibson. This page is for reference only, not as an offer to sell species bulbs or seeds. Click on 'Wild Lilies (non-hybrid)' to your left for currently offered species bulbs.: 

The 'California Panther Lily', is among the easiest to grow of the Western U.S. natives. The "wild scented" Turk's Cap flowers are orange-red in color and often have red tips. The nectary furrows are green on these black spotted flowers. Considered a small flowered version of Lilium harrisianum, it requires a damp, lime free soil with full sun. Lilium pardalinum played an important role in the development of the 'Bellingham Hybrids' by Dr. David Griffiths at the old USDA research station in Bellingham, Washington. The Bellis Fair Shopping Center currently occupies the site of the old research station.

Photo inset was taken in the late 60's and is of the Griffith Bellingham Hybrid 'Shuksan'. We found 'Shuksan' to be a real animal in the garden, far more easily cultivated than either L. pardalinum or L. humboldtii, the parents. 'Shuksan' was introduced in 1924.

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Wild Lily bulbs making up the genus Lilium belong to the family Liliaceae comprising of approximately 200 genera made up of approximately 2,000 lily species. There are in the neighborhood of 110 to 120 Lilium species depending on whose classification you reference. For the full article, click Knowledge Base