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'John Deere Sulky Plow' (Antique Iron)

'Horse Drawn John Deere Sulky Plow'One of the great advances in farming. With the introduction of the Sulky Plow, rather than walk behind his horse all day plowing a field, the farmer could now ride behind a pair of horses and also plow a great deal more land each day. A previous owner painted this in "sort of" John Deere colors. Paint can be easily stripped for a natural weathered look or for restoration. An interesting and not often seen type of horse drawn plow. From a farm in North Dakota, this plow was part of a collection from Montana. Plow has its original seat if restoration is your interest. A great garden piece, if restoration is your goal, the lift arm for the plow is missing. John Deere is a registered trademark of the John Deere Crop. SOLD

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