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Bush Peony - 'Pink Dogwood Whisper'

Bush Peony - 'Pink Dogwood Whisper' Peony P-144 - Flower type - Single. Bloom time is Mid Season. Height 25 inches.

NEW LISTING A delicate appearing but tough as nails single flowering soft pink reminiscent of our beautiful Pink Dogwoods during springtime. Slightly fragrant, the red stigmas and pistils are a perfect foil to the golden yellow centers.

Classification: Herbaceous Peony (USDA Zones 2 - 7 or 8)

Root size - 3 to 5 eye, or greater, depending on harvest.

Shipping Season - Fall 2009 / Spring 2010.

Cultural Requirements - Sunny, well-drained location, 3 to 4 feet apart. Can be left undisturbed for many years. In severe winter climates, plant with eyes 1-2 inches below surface of soil (then top with winter mulch); Zone 6-7, cover eyes with 1 inch of soil, and mulch lightly for winter; Zone 8 or 9, leave the eyes exposed to allow as much winter chill as possible, do not mulch around eyes. Not suitable for areas where winter temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees F. or plants will produce plenty of foliage, but be shy about blooming.

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