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'L. monadelphum' (Species or Wild Lily)

Lily Bulb - 'L. monadelphum' (Species or Wild Lily)Found growing in the black leaf-molds of beech wood in the northern Caucasus, Lilium monadelphum is the most plentiful and easiest to grow of the lilies from this region. First finding its way into English gardens in the early 1800's, it can be difficult when not catered to. When given deep, well drained soils to which lime is added yearly, it will settle in and be quite at home. Disliking being moved, Lilium monadelphum can often take two years after planting to send up a stem, patience is a must. When its first bell-shaped flowers open though, most agree, the wait was well worth it. Flowers are straw to butter yellow and are heavily spotted in purple. When happy with its placement, Lilium monadelphum will make huge bulbs weighing several pounds.

Wild Lilies
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Wild Lily bulbs making up the genus Lilium belong to the family Liliaceae comprising of approximately 200 genera made up of approximately 2,000 lily species. There are in the neighborhood of 110 to 120 Lilium species depending on whose classification you reference. For the full article, click Knowledge Base